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GODIN MultiOud Encore Nylon Natural

GODIN MultiOud Encore Nylon Natural


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Unikt 11-strängat nylonsträngat instrument stämt som en gitarr med avancerat Preamp. Inuk erbjuder en ny värld av klanger utan behov av att lära sig ett nytt instrument.


The Godin MultiOud Encore Nylon is an electro-acoustic, fretless instrument featuring 11 nylon strings. Based upon the ancient middle-eastern called the Oud and inspired by the countless musicians struggling with the issues of tuning and amplifying such an instrument comes the Godin MultiOud. It features custom voiced electronics with under saddle transducer in the bridge controlled via an onboard preamp for optimal amplified sound. The preamp also features a built-in tuner which, when combined with the custom tuning machine heads, helps to make this 11-string simple to tune and keep in tune. The MultiOud is built and assembled in Richmond QC, Canada.

Produkt specifikation:

Färg: Natural SG
Stall: Rosewood
Kropp/Topp: Basswood/S. ceder
Hals/Greppbräda: Mahogny/Rosewood
Mensur/Band: 23.03″
Stallmikrofon: Godin QIT
Konstruktion: Skruvad hals
Elektronik Volym: Blend, EQ
Synth/Pietzo: EPM Q1T w. tran

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